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Genshin Impact: How to Clear the Fog on Tsurumi Island

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Genshin Impact: How to Clear the Fog on Tsurumi Island

The Genshin Impact 2.2 update just recently added Tsurumi Island as a destination, completing the Inazuma region. Tsurumi Island comes with a catch though — you can’t explore it because of a thick fog blocking your path. A certain World Quest needs to be done to lift the fog. We’ve already covered how to get to Tsurumi Island, but here’s how to complete the Through the Mists quest and clear the Tsurumi Island fog in Genshin Impact.

How to Clear Tsurumi Island Fog in Genshin Impact

Starting the Through the Mists Quest

To start this questline, speak to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild. She’ll send you to speak with an author in Inazuma City named Sumida. This author will then send you to talk to Kama on Ritou, to the northwest. Kama will take you to Tsurumi Island on his boat, then task you with venturing into the fog.

Follow the path all the way up to the marked quest area on the map. Then go through the large stone “gates” that Kama mentioned in order to avoid getting lost in the fog. They look like this:

After you pass through the gates, a large chunk of the Tsurumi Island fog will clear and a child named Ruu will appear. Head over to the marker to follow Ruu and continue the quest.

Collecting Thunderbird Feathers

Twisted trees are found across Tsurumi Island, just like the Thunder Sakura trees on Kannazuka. Interact with the trees on Tsurumi and three feathers will be scattered. You’ll need to find them with your Elemental Sight and return them to the tree for this part of the Through the Mists quest.

Doing this inside each area covered in fog will cause the mist to dissipate, making everything visible on Tsurumi Island again. After interacting with the first tree next to Ruu and his siblings, head over to the next quest marker and speak with a man named Mata. He’s standing near the giant stone arch. After the conversation, you’re tasked with finding three more trees to interact with across Tsurumi Island.

Chirai Shrine Tree

The closest tree is the one found at Chirai Shrine, in the easternmost cloud of fog on the map. Follow the small white glowing stone markers to reach the tree. It’s at the very back of Chirai Shrine.

These three feathers are easy to get to, but you’ll need to fight Ruin enemies and Rifthounds to collect them. Follow their trails using your Elemental Sight to find them. One is underground straight ahead of the tree, another is near enemies, and the third will take you through a Phase Gate on a cliff near the tree.

Shirikoro Peak Tree

Shirikoro Peak is the next area full of fog if we move west across the Trusumi Island map from Chirai Shrine. Collecting the feathers here involves completing a number of puzzles.

First off, you’ll need to return three Seelies to their pedestals in front of the tree here. The first one is on the path toward the tree, so it’s hard to miss. The second is to the right of the treeon a branch, and the third is to the left of the tree. All three of them are in the direction of their respective pedestal, like most trio Seelie puzzles.

Collecting all three Seeleis will lower the water level, allowing you to search for the feathers below the tree. One feather is simple to collect while the other two float away from you, through a locked door.

The door will open once you’ve completed a Relay Stone puzzle. Place one Relay Stone on either side of the Cumulation Stones that are to the right and left of the locked door.

Doing this should unlock the switch that opens the door, leading to another similar puzzle. You’ll need to lower the water level in here by once again finding three Seelies in this room. Once the water level drops, jump down into the pit and use a Relay Stone to activate a switch down there, after defeating more Ruin enemies.

Finally, place two Relay Stones on either side of the door’s accumulation Stones, just like in the previous room. This will lead you right to the final feather.

Autake Plains Tree

The tree in Autake Plains is in the fog that’s found to the far west on Tsurumi Island. And don’t worry, these feathers are much easier to obtain.

All you need to do is defeat a few Hilichurls, Ruin enemies, and Rifthounds to get them. It’s all combat and no puzzles for these feathers.

After finding all of them, return to the giant stone arch location. Everyone will have disappeared. Return to Kama to leave Tsurumi Island. Once you speak with Sumida again, the quest will be completed.

That’s everything you need to know about how to clear the Tsurumi Island Fog in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other general info on the game.

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