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New World Deluxe Edition vs Standard Edition: Which Should You Buy?

new world deluxe vs standard edition

New World Deluxe Edition vs Standard Edition: Which Should You Buy?

So New World is the talk of the internet town right now. Everyone wants to check out what’s going on with Amazon Games’ pirate-themed MMO where you can band together with friends and fight the evil Corruption trying to take over the island of Aeternum. If you’re looking to join the hundreds of thousands of other players, you may be wondering whether you should buy the New World Deluxe Edition, or just the Standard Edition, so we’re here to try and help you make sense of it all.

All New World Deluxe Edition Contents

new world deluxe edition vs standard edition
  • Woodsman armor skin. Stand out from the crowd or blend in with the forest with the Woodsman armor skin.
  • Woodsman hatchet skin. Complete the Woodsman look with this skin for the versatile hatchet.
  • Mastiff house pet. Make your house a home with the Mastiff house pet. Access to housing unlocks at level 15 in-game.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set. Rock, Paper, Scissors, a light-hearted game with friends or a tool for making difficult decisions.
  • New World digital art book. A collection of incredible concept art from the making of New World.

Should You Buy the Deluxe or Standard Edition?

Let’s get the pricing out of the way first. The Standard Edition of the game costs $39.99 and will grant you access to the game. Remember, there is no monthly subscription fee, either, so you’ll pay this and then you’ll be set for the remainder of your time in the game.

New World’s Deluxe Edition costs $10 more at $49.99. As such, whether you should buy this edition over the base game depends entirely on how interested you are in the cosmetic skins, emote, and the Mastiff house pet.

From our experience in the game so far, there’s a lot to like about New World, and if you’re all set on sinking countless hours into exploring Aeternum, then the Deluxe Edition may well be worth it if its in-game items interest you.

However, if you’re unsure on whether you’re going to enjoy the game, or you just don’t think the items are worth the extra $10, then just stick with the Standard Edition. There are sure to be plenty more cool skins, emotes, and house pets heading to the in-game store at a later date that you can always spend that $10 on should you really get into the game.

Whichever one you decide to buy, you can purchase them directly from the New World website, from Amazon, or from Steam.

That’s everything you need to know on whether you should buy the New World Deluxe or Standard Edition. For more tips and tricks, head on over to our wiki. Alternatively, you can find a handful of our helpful guides on the game below.

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