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Last Of Us Part II Youtuber Creates Hilarious Ellie & Abby Hater Videos


Last Of Us Part II Youtuber Creates Hilarious Ellie & Abby Hater Videos

At this point, there is no denying that even the majority of the players who enjoyed The Last of Us Part II probably liked one of the two playable characters more than the other. Regardless of what camp you find yourself in, though, a Youtuber has gone out of their way to make both sides happy by creating two hilarious videos.

As you can see down below, – Namelezz, a channel pretty much entirely devoted to Last of Us Part II memes, posted a video for those who hate Abby and Ellie respectively.

In the video for those who hate Abby, you can see Ellie taking potshots at the area where the WLF member crosses the skyscraper. The Youtuber edits in the shots pretty flawlessly, going hand in hand with the scripted moments where Abby struggles to cross due to her fear of heights in Last of Us Part II.

In the one for those who hate Ellie, – Namelezz once again uses the sequence where Abby crosses the skyscrapers. This time, though, she is the one with the upper hand.

The video mixes in the section where Ellie sneaks around the Scars in the forest of Last of Us Part II, pretending as if she is getting shot from a distance by Abby instead of the Seraphites. Everything is linked seamlessly, as the crossbow bolts Abby fires look exactly like the arrows that are shot at Ellie.

Regardless of who you Stan in these games, you’ve got to appreciate the effort that went into making both of these videos look perfectly cut.

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