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Nintendo, Please Bring This Adorable Pokemon Gardening Collection West


Nintendo, Please Bring This Adorable Pokemon Gardening Collection West

After being around for over two decades, you’d think that it would be impossible for Nintendo to keep coming up with ways to make Pokemon even more adorable. One look at the brand new Pokemon Gardening Collection is all you need to prove that these Pocket Monsters will always be ridiculously cute.

This brand new collection was revealed on Friday via Pokemon’s official website, showing off a bunch of amazing gardening-themed goods that can be bought individually or in bundles. Some of those times include sandals, plushies, pins, keychains, and even a charming Squirtle water can.

You can see a more detailed image of everything that is available right down below:

Pokemon Gardening Collection

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Gardening collection is only available in Japan at certain Pokemon Center Outlets or on their online storefront starting May 13. Fingers crossed that Nintendo eventually brings them over to the west so we can all get our gardening on.

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