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5 New Features Pokemon Legends: Arceus Needs to Evolve the Series


5 New Features Pokemon Legends: Arceus Needs to Evolve the Series

The next era in the Pokemon franchise was announced last week. Pokemon Legends: Arceus looks like the promising next step in the series, but there’s a lot that we don’t know about it just yet.

Despite the lack of info, fans of the franchise hope and expect for this title to be an ambitious and innovative step forward. Here are some of the things that players want to see the most with Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

Completely Open-Worlds With Lots To Do

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Although the Pokemon Company didn’t use the exact words “open-world,” it certainly seems like that’s what we’re getting with this new game. The series already took the first step with this concept in Pokemon Sword and Shield with the introduction of Wild Area.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the game should expand on this idea even more. Ideally, the entirety of ancient Sinnoh should be accessible from the start, allowing players to explore far from the first village. Let us encounter rare, high-level Pokemon early in the game if we’re brave enough to venture deep into the wild territory.

This would give everyone who plays the game a unique experience. Instead of taking a linear path from route to route like in most Pokemon games, we’d be able to explore at our own pace and discover new things in a different order than our friends might.

Throw in some abandoned human settlements with artifacts to find, side quests and minigames, and mysteries to uncover, and this would break up any monotony of roaming around and finding Pokemon in a barren world.

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