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5 Updates Super Mario Party Still Needs Even After Online Play

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5 Updates Super Mario Party Still Needs Even After Online Play

Waking up this morning, Nintendo decided to be very chaotic by adding new online features to Super Mario Party, a game that came out over two years ago. While it does feel a little late on that front, Super Mario Party has other grievances that need to be fixed and not take another two years to apply such fixes.

Here are six things that also need to be fixed/updated with Super Mario Party.

Having the option to play with anyone allows you to play the game anytime you have an urge, not just when your friends are available. Just imagine all of the friends (and enemies) you could make playing with random players online.

Voice Chat 

Super Mario Party Updates

While Nintendo has implemented voice chat with some of their games, it is still somewhat of a rarity that Switch titles have this feature, even if they have online multiplayer. On top of this, the ones that do have voice chat require you to download a separate app on your phone that honestly doesn’t work too well. Overall, it’s a pretty difficult and unnecessary process.

Considering Mario Party is built on interacting with people while you play, having this feature alongside the newly announced online mode is a must. If the game didn’t have voice chat, most games would simply consist of watching others taking their turns, likely leading you to pick up your phone and scrolling social media out of boredom.

Voice chat allows you to liven things up by giving you the option to engage in some good-natured banter over the internet, just like you would in person. Sure the opportunity for name-calling and some toxicity exists, but sometimes that is part of the fun.

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