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These Time-Lapses Remind Us Just How Beautiful Breath of the Wild Is

Breath of the Wild

These Time-Lapses Remind Us Just How Beautiful Breath of the Wild Is

Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild knows that it is home to one of the most beautiful and vast worlds ever to grace gaming, allowing players to roam around at their leisure exploring all it has to offer. Even knowing how pretty the game and its landscapes are, though, it somehow still finds a way to take our breath away four years later.

In a post to the Zelda subreddit earlier today, a user by the name of Fair_Indusrty7328 demonstrated even more of Breath of the Wild’s beauty by showing off the time-lapse they made of the various locations that make up the game. In the video below, you can see a full day to night cycle of plenty of different areas, including Death Mountain, Zora’s Domain, and Korok Forest.

Even people that have never played Breath of the Wild have to appreciate the sheer detail on display in this video, as it features everything from cycling enemies to Divine Beast Vah Medoh circling the skies to even shadows and light reflections to go alongside the cycles of each day. Here is to hoping someone slows this video down and sets it to a lo-fi beat, as it would be perfect for relaxing or falling asleep to.

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