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Breath of the Wild Player Paraglides From Ridgeland Tower to Eventide Island With Hilarious Results

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Player Paraglides From Ridgeland Tower to Eventide Island With Hilarious Results

Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild knows there are plenty of awesome quests to find when you explore the vast world the game has to offer, with some that even include fun minigames. But what happens when you combine two occurrences in two different quests that should seemingly be impossible? Well, that is something Teh_Cactus_Plant found out the hard way while playing the Paraglider minigame.

In a post to the Breath of the Wild subreddit, user Teh_Cactus_Plant posted a video explaining that they wanted to try and make it all the way to Eventide Island from Ridgeland tower while playing the paraglide minigame. Now, anyone who has played the game knows that should be impossible, as the two areas are on opposite spots of the map (~7644 meters apart).

Distance didn’t stop this veteran Breath of the Wild player, though, as they used a technique known as windbombing — droping a bomb under Link while gliding then detonating it to get more air — to make it all the way to the island. In total, it took them about 16 minutes to glide all the way to the island.

Once they did get there, the Eventide shrine questline triggered, stripping Link of all of his supplies. Mere seconds after that shrine quests triggers, though, Link is transported back to Ridgeland tower, bare-chested and item less.

The video ended with the user hilariously stating “I’ve been robbed,” though they do say that the island eventually realizes you aren’t on it and pulls you back.

It’ll be interesting to see what Teh_Cactus_Plant’s next experiments hold, as users suggested in the comments section that they try ending next to the divine beasts to trigger the rebattle or try catching the big horse while playing the paragliding minigame as well.

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