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Mass Effect 1: How to Get Garage Pass on Noveria

Mass Effect How to Get Garage Pass

Mass Effect 1: How to Get Garage Pass on Noveria

The first game in the Mass Effect trilogy is surprisingly open-ended, allowing you to explore worlds and find different solutions to a number of quests. Case in point: The main mission on Noveria tasks you with gaining access to the station’s garage, and there are a few different ways for you to do so. You may be unclear on what these methods are though, which is why you’re looking for info on how to get a garage pass on Noveria in Mass Effect.

Well, worry not. We’ve done the leg work and uncovered all the different ways you can gain access to this key item. Read on to find out what each method entails, what the consequences are, and more.

How to Get a Garage Pass on Noveria in Mass Effect 1

There are three different methods for getting a garage pass on Noveria in Mass Effect. One is easy but yields little aside from the pass, while the other two are more intensive but net you some extra benefits.

For the easy method, you’ll need to report the illegal activities of the Hanar shopkeeper named Opold. He can be found in his shop near the elevator to the docking bay, and after speaking with him he’ll ask you to smuggle a package through customs for him. We’ve included a screenshot of his exact location down below.

Mass Effect How to Get Garage Pass

If you instead report him to Administrator Anoleis – who can be found in the main corporate office past the lobby on the second floor – then you’ll immediately gain access to a garage pass for your help.

How to Get a Garage Pass and Rewards

The other two methods, meanwhile, will take a fair bit of running around, dialogue interactions, and so forth. To start, track down Lorik Qui’in. He can be found in the lobby outside of Anoleis’ office and will be highlighted by an interaction indicator as soon as you’re near him.

Again, we’ve included a screenshot so you know exactly where to look.

Mass Effect How to Get Garage Pass

He’ll offer to give you his garage pass in exchange for retrieving information from his work computer. The only catch is that some crooked security is ransacking his office for Anoleis, and you’ll need to deal with them.

Accept the offer, and then head toward the Synthetic Insights office elevator. Go up the elevator, and then deal with the corrupt security officers. Some can be convinced to leave with Charm or Intimidate, while others need to be killed. Once they’re dealt with, grab the info and head toward the exit.

This will trigger a fight with some more security. Once they’re dealt with, continue out toward the exit and you’ll encounter Gianna, Anoleis’ assistant. She’ll tell you to meet her in the lobby near Anoleis’ office before returning the pass to Lorik.

Go and meet with her, and she’ll reveal she’s investigating Anoleis as an undercover agent. She needs Lorik to agree to testify in order to bring Anoleis to justice, and wants you to convince him using the data you have.

From here, you can now get the garage pass in one of two ways, and the way you choose will reward you with a ton of Paragon or Renegade points. If you go to Lorik and convince him to testify, then he’ll give you the pass and Gianna will arrest Anoleis, netting you Paragon points.

If you go and report Gianna to Anoleis, however, then he’ll call her into his office and fire her. They’ll then kill each other in a shootout, allowing you to loot the garage pass off of Anoleis’ corpse and bag some Renegade points for your actions.

That’s all there is to know about how to get a garage pass in Mass Effect. For more on the game and its sequels, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki. It has tons of other guides on hot topics from each game, and can help you maximize your enjoyment from the trilogy.

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