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Returnal Weapon Proficiency Explained: How to Increase It & What It Does

returnal weapon proficiency

Returnal Weapon Proficiency Explained: How to Increase It & What It Does

The Returnal time loop has players facing challenge after challenge over and over again. Each death takes away most items and equipment, but understanding Weapon Proficiency is one of the ways for players to increase their survivability. If you’re a bit confused, here’s a full explanation on Weapon Proficiency in Returnal, including what it does and how to increase it.

Returnal Weapon Proficiency Explained

The Weapon Proficiency system is one of the stats that gets reset with each run, but it’ll strengthen your combat ability within each individual cycle. Your Proficiency level determines the level of weapons that you can find during each run. Higher-Proficiency weapons have higher stats. A gun’s Proficiency level is indicated by the large green number next to a star, below its name.

Returnal Weapon Proficiency

So, for example, if your Proficiency is level 2, you’ll only find weapons that are at least level 2 as you explore in Returnal. You won’t find any weapons below your Proficiency level, but you can find ones that are higher.

Increasing Proficiency to find better weapons will also help to maintain a high Adrenaline level. Adrenaline provides passive buffs as long as you take enemies out without getting hit.

How to Increase Proficiency

You gain Weapon Proficiency from each enemy that you defeat in Returnal. However, there are also items called Calibrators that can give you an instant boost in Proficiency as soon as you pick them up.

Returnal Calibrator Weapon Proficiency

Your Proficiency Rate stat affects how much Proficiency you gain from each enemy that you defeat or beneficial item you pick up. Certain Calibrators can also increase your Proficiency Rate, so keep an eye out for them.

That’s everything you need to know about how Weapon Proficiency works in Returnal. Have a look at our guide wiki to find more combat pointers as well as other general tips, tricks, and info.

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