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Returnal: How To Increase Adrenaline Levels & What It Does


Returnal: How To Increase Adrenaline Levels & What It Does

When it comes to Housemarque’s Returnal, combat is a key element of the roguelike. Only by eliminating the threats and uncovering the mysteries of Atropos can you make it out of this never-ending cycle of life and death. Aside from the different weapons you can use and the enemies you will face, Returnal also introduces several systems to help players make the most of their time. The Adrenaline system in Returnal is one of the most important aspects of the game.

As such, knowing how to increase your Adrenaline levels and what it does in Returnal is essential for your success. Check out our guide below for all the important details.

How To Increase Adrenaline Levels in Returnal

During combat, you will definitely have your hands full as the game attempts to overwhelm you. However, should you get into a groove and start chaining together kills, this is where Returnal will reward you for your proficiency.

If you are able to kill three enemies without getting hit, you will increase your Adrenaline level by one.

All Adrenaline Level Bonuses

In total, you are looking at five different Adrenaline levels, each with different benefits. Once you have maxed it out, you are looking at:

  • Level 1 – Enhanced Overload
  • Level 2 – Enhanced Vision
  • Level 3 – Enhanced Melee
  • Level 4 – +50% Proficiency
  • Level 5 – +50% more Obolites

Enhanced Overload elongates the bar in which you can instantly reload your weapon and keep firing. Enhanced vision marks enemies on-screen, even through walls and objects to give you better visibility. Enhanced melee lets you hit harder with the Atropian Blade, while the last two levels are all about giving you more rewards during your fights.

No matter how high your Adrenaline levels are in Returnal, it only takes one hit to send it tumbling back to zero. A shield or a certain artifact may help you offset a hit, but it is best if you can avoid damage in order to reap the benefits.

That’s all there is to know about how to increase your Adrenaline levels and what it does in Returnal. For more useful and interesting tips, tricks, and info tied to Returnal, check out our guide wiki.

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