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Nier Replicant: How to Find King of the Southern Plain

Nier Replicant How to Find King of the Southern Plains

Nier Replicant: How to Find King of the Southern Plain

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to find the King of the Southern Plain in Nier Replicant, rest assured that you’re not alone. The massive shade only appears under very specific circumstances, and even then it’ll only have a chance of appearing based on RNG.

Luckily, we’ve managed to get him to spawn after testing out different variables. Below you’ll find details on how to increase your chances of finding this secret enemy, and how to get him to appear more quickly.

How to Find the King of the Southern Plains in Nier Replicant

Like the Northern Bridge Shade in the A Bridge in Peril side quest, the King of the Southern Plains shade in Nier Replicant can be lured out by changing the weather and defeating certain enemies.

On the weather front, you’ll want to make it so that it’s cloudy while you explore the Southern Plains. This can be done by entering and exiting the area from different entrances. For example: If you enter from the Village’s southern gate and it’s sunny, then you’ll need to leave the area via the Seafront entrance. After entering Seafront, turn around and go back into the Southern Plains.

Rinse and repeat this process, and eventually the weather should change to overcast.

As for the enemies you’ll want to take out, the armored foes in the smaller open area in front of Seafront are your target. This is the same area where the King eventually spawns in, and for whatever reason he appeared more frequently for us after we started clearing these shades out anytime we entered the area.

Both of these activities are fairly monotonous, but they aren’t hard in the slightest. Stay patient, and with some luck, you should get the King to spawn in without too much time wasted.

Hopefully this cleared up how to find the King of the Southern Plains in Nier Replicant. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. There should also be some related articles down below covering all the latest Replicant news.

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