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Paladins Reveals New Champion, Octavia; Releases This Month


Paladins Reveals New Champion, Octavia; Releases This Month

Paladins unveiled a new champion today via a cinematic trailer on their official YouTube channel. Octavia is the champion’s name and they are designed to be a tactically-focused character that used a scoped weapon and has abilities to “control the flow of battle”

Check out the cinematic down below:

A livestream that followed the announcement went into a bit more detail about what Octavia plays like in-game. At the time of this writing, it’s still ongoing but what we can glean so far is that the champion is built around her long-range, high-powered, semi-automatic rifle and will be a damage champion.

In addition, she has a large leap that can clear lots of distance and she has the ability to aim down sights while in this leap to freeze in place to shoot.

Octavia will also have powerful passive abilities that you can choose at the start of the match to define your playstyle and boost the team, playing into the fantasy of being a commander.

Octavia is the 48th champion to be released into the game, which sounds like a lot until you compare it to Smite’s 113 gods.

Octavia was announced alongside a number of other smaller announcements such as a new mount, new challenges, and Event Pass info.

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