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Monster Hunter Rise Ships 4 Million Over Launch Weekend

monster hunter rise

Monster Hunter Rise Ships 4 Million Over Launch Weekend

Capcom’s latest game in the Monster Hunter series enjoyed a strong start over the weekend. The publisher has today confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise shipped an impressive 4 million units following its launch on Friday, March 26.

Its success is typical of the franchise’s performance over the past decade, which has continually performed well on previous generation Nintendo systems such as the 3DS. That said, ever since the success of World, which was designed as a high fidelity experience for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it feels as though Monster Hunter has established itself as a popular mainstream IP in the west when before its audience was primarily in the Japan and eastern regions.

Incidentally, Monster Hunter World sold slightly more copies in its opening weekend back in 2018 with 5 million copies shipped in three days.

Rise, of course, is a (timed) Nintendo Switch exclusive with a smaller scope and scale more akin to Monster Hunter games of old.

It will be fascinating to see whether Rise’s sales approach that of World, which has since become Capcom’s best-selling game of all time with over 18 million units sold. It’s certainly possible, especially now that Capcom has confirmed Rise will come to PC at some point in the future.

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