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Latest Dark Alliance Trailer Shows Off Boss Battle Gameplay


Latest Dark Alliance Trailer Shows Off Boss Battle Gameplay

Dark Alliance, which only recently finally came out of hibernation, showed a bit more of the Hagedorn boss battle which was teased in the last trailer they released.

The trailer highlights more gameplay this time around and gives prospective players a better look at the game’s new combat system.

The gameplay shown leans heavily into the action half of action-RPG and, at least in this particular clip, almost has some Monster Hunter vibes as players seem to need to respect the powerful attacks that are emanating from the Hagedorn and aren’t able to just so easily Zerg rush it down.

It’s a flashy bit of combat, that much is true, but it’d be nice to see more of the RPG elements next time around as that was also a core part of the previous Dark Alliance games.

I’m curious to hear what fans of the original PS2 games think of the changes and what has been shown so far. Let us know down in the comments below.

Dark Alliance is due to be released later this year on June 22

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