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FFXI: Best Trusts For Returning Players


FFXI: Best Trusts For Returning Players

Final Fantasy XI has seen a resurgence in recent months. A Voracious Resurgence, one could say. This influx of new and returning players likely will have lots of questions about how FFXI has changed over the years. Trusts are a big part of the game now from 1-99, and you might be wondering what the best trusts are in FFXI for new & returning players. Here are our recommendations.

Just a quick disclaimer, while in most cases here these are indeed the best trusts in FFXI, we are including trusts that are also fairly easily obtainable for the average new and returning FFXI player.

There will be a few notes throughout the article to note trusts that should absolutely be included among the best trusts in FFXI, but aren’t exactly easy to get for new and returning players.

Now in no particular order, here are the best trusts in FFXI.

1. Apururu (UC)

Best Trusts FFXI

best trusts ffxi

Apururu is not only arguably the best healer trust to get in FFXI, but it’s also among the easiest to obtain on this list.

All you need to do to get this Windurstian Tarutaru is sign up for her Unity Concord, and earn at least 5000 accolades from completing RoE objectives in a period.

As long as you consistently play and complete objectives (make sure to turn on RoEs such as 500+ damage, and enemies defeated), you should hang onto Apururu as a trust easily. Here’s a helpful wiki guide on how to join a Unity if you’re not sure.

Apururu is a smart healer. She is a WHM/RDM and will not only use Convert but also has a skill, Nott, that will allow her to restore additional MP. As a result, she will have the best mileage in terms of MP of any White Mage trust in the game. She will Curaga, Haste, and cure status effects as well.

Editor’s Note: Monberaux: We have to mention Monberaux. Monberaux is considered by most to be the best healer trust in FFXI as he has the unique Chemist job and isn’t bound by MP or crippled by Silence. However, he is also arguably the most time-consuming trust in the game to get. You can read how to get him right here.

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