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Here’s What Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs For a Fun-Filled Second Year

animal crossing new horizons

Here’s What Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs For a Fun-Filled Second Year

Exactly one year ago, as the world began to transition into lockdown, a game released that unified many, even if only for a short time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched at the perfect time, with so many people stuck inside, often alone, for months.

After those first few months, the mainstream popularity died down, but millions of players continued to pick up the game every single day. To get the full Animal Crossing experience, you need to play over the course of at least an entire year since the seasons and holidays change in real-time.

The past year has been filled with regular updates that added new content and events, and for the most part, fans have been pretty satisfied.

Now that it’s been a full year, events and holidays will begin to repeat themselves for the players who bought the game at launch, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to be finished with the updates.

To keep players interested, the game will need to be continuously updated with new content just like it was last year.

Will we see any major, game-changing updates during year two of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Or will all future updates bring small tweaks to the game? Only time will tell, but here’s what fans want the most during the game’s second year.

More Villagers on Our Islands

sanrio villager

In New Horizons, a total of 10 villagers can move to your island and live there at one time. If you want another villager, you’ll have to wait for someone to ask to move out before a new one can move in.

The maximum number of villagers in the past two Animal Crossing games (New Leaf and City Folk) was 10, so it’s surprising that this number hasn’t been increased since then.

What’s even more surprising is that in the original Animal Crossing for GameCube, there could be 15 villagers living in your town at one time. If we could have 15 back then, what’s stopping it now?

Our islands are big enough to fit more houses, and with the recent addition of the Sanrio villagers, we want more spaces instead of having to say goodbye to the friends we’ve formed bonds with.

It would be even better if they added brand-new villagers to the game, but at this point, we’d rather get more spaces for the ones that can exist; after all, there are 399 villagers in total. We want to invite more of them to live with us!

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