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343 Industries Goes Deep Into Music & Sounds of Halo Infinite in Latest Insider

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343 Industries Goes Deep Into Music & Sounds of Halo Infinite in Latest Insider

The most recently Inside Infinite, 343’s Halo Infinite blog, the developer provided an extremely lengthy and in-depth interview with the key members of the Halo team that are working on the game’s audio: audio director Sotaro Tojima, Chase Thompson, lead audio technical designer, Kyle Fraser lead sound designer, and Joel Yarger Music Supervisor.

The interview is very lengthy, very technical and goes very in-depth into the thought-process behind the audio of Halo Infinite. If you’re audio and musically inclined, I highly suggest giving the whole interview a read here. But here are a few interesting snippets.

Internally, the team is viewing Halo Infinite as a spiritual reboot and a return to the “original essence of Halo” and what the audio team is working on will be in line with these goals. Members of the audio team are trying to capture brighter themes of “hope” and “belief” which they feel is a departure from what the last two games have done.

They also want to keep an air of mystery while exploring Zeta Halo, and the post provided this sample of the ambient noises you’ll hear while playing Halo Infinite.

In addition, the posts details how the team completely brutailized a piano in attempt to get some really unique sounds.

Once again, definitely check out the full interview if you have any interest in music and sound design or, you know, you just like interesting stuff.

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