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Playtonic Announces New Publishing Team: Playtonic Friends; Still Working on New Games

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Playtonic Announces New Publishing Team: Playtonic Friends; Still Working on New Games

Today Playtonic announced a new publishing teams that will work on publishing new games from other developers. This is going to be a new and separate team from Playtonic’s development crew that are still working on new games, at least one of which likely is something in the Yooka-Laylee franchise.

According to an FAQ posted by Playtonic announcing the move, they are not focusing on any particular genre and they haven’t been bought out by anyone. They also aren’t ready to reveal any developers they have been working with.

Here’s the explanation for this move straight from Playtonic themselves:

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hidden gems out there that are left unearthed! We’re making it our mission to bring interesting games that tickle our fancy to the surface and get the love and attention they deserve. We’ve been digging around and speaking with developers from all over the world and there’s a massive wad of fantastic projects brimming with potential.

We’re keen to help talented studios focus on game development, while our newly formed publishing team handle the other bits. Don’t worry, all our devs (like Steve, Kev, Daley, et al) are still working on… whoops, almost had us there!

Stay tuned for future announcements by following Playtonic Friends on Twitter.

That is… you were able to follow along on Twitter until…

You can check out the full announcement and FAQ right here.

Playtonic’s most recently released game was Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, and was a favorite among a few of us here at Twinfinite and was named one of our best platformers of 2019.

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