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EA Sports Is Creating a New College Football Game


EA Sports Is Creating a New College Football Game

Today EA Sports announced that they are creating a new college football game. Very little else is currently known. A new Twitter account was created today, @easportscollege, and they published the following tweet:

That’s more or less where this story ends, at least for now. Nothing else at the moment is publicly known.

College sports video games have been on hiatus for quite some time as the NCAA, game companies like EA, and players have all struggled to figure out a way to create college sport video games that do not take advantage of players and their likenesses, and not only follow the rules of the NCCA but also U.S. law.

It’s a complex problem with lots of pitfalls and for years EA has more or less just decided to not bother. It’s clear that this position from EA is changing, but no word on yet on how they managed to juggle all of those issues

If you’d like a detailed primer on what happened with college sports in video games, former Twinfinite contributor Zach Stevens wrote an excellent break down back in 2019 that you can check out here.

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