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The Medium Preload & Unlock Times (Xbox Series X|S & PC)

the medium preload unlock times

The Medium Preload & Unlock Times (Xbox Series X|S & PC)

The Medium is set to be one of the most ambitious titles you can get your hands on in the opening months of 2021. The game sees players controlling a medium as you explore both the real world and spirit world — sometimes simultaneously — in order to discover the dark secrets and mysteries of the abandoned holiday resort that you’re exploring. The game is due to release on Jan. 28, but some players will no doubt be wondering what The Medium’s preload and unlock times are on all platforms.

The Medium Preload Times

The good news is that The Medium is available to preload right now on both Xbox Series X|S and PC. We’ve been able to verify this ourselves independently both on the Xbox and PC platforms, via the Microsoft Store respectively.

Currently, we’ve been unable to confirm whether or not preload is available via Steam on PC. However, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can download the game’s 23-24 GB file size onto your preferred platform of choice right now.

the medium preload

To do this, you’ll want to search for ‘The Medium’ via the Xbox app on PC, or on the Microsoft Store on your Xbox. Simply select, ‘The Medium’ and you should be given the option to ‘Install’ on Xbox, or ‘Pre-Install’ on PC.

This will then commence the download of the game, meaning that, other than a possible day-one update, you won’t have to do any significantly-sized updates on the release date.

What Time Will The Medium Unlock?

The Medium will be available to play at midnight in your time zone on Jan. 28 on both the Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Microsoft Store.

This should also be the case for those buying the game via Steam.

That’s everything you need to know regarding The Medium’s preload and unlock times on all platforms. Check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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