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Demon’s Souls: How To Beat Dragon God Boss Fight

demon's souls dragon god

Demon’s Souls: How To Beat Dragon God Boss Fight

The big and scary dragon that you see at the end of the reveal trailer is finally on your plate and none of your weapons seem to be doing the trick. Here’s some handy information on how to beat the Dragon God boss fight in Demon’s Souls.

How To Beat Dragon God Boss Fight in Demon’s Souls

You probably just beat the Flamelurker in a hard-fought battle that used all of your knowledge about the game up to this point. But don’t give up once you see this intimidating Dragon God in your way. You don’t know it, but you already have everything you need to slay this beast.

That’s because this boss fight is one of the few that demands you play it a certain way. Most other battles have multiple viable strategies, but the Dragon God is a whole different animal. This giant demon can only be taken down once you shoot it with the two ballistae placed to the left and right of this boss.

The first one is to the right of where you enter the fight. Just be careful as you approach since a single hit from this boss will likely kill you. As you move right, you’ll need to hide behind pillars so the Dragon God can’t see you. The Dragon God will roar when right before it strikes, so run away if you hear that beast bellow.

Use any physical weapon to chip away at the rubble blocking your path. But don’t stand there too long or else the big bad Dragon God will hear you and kill you. Hit the rubble once or twice quickly, then hide behind a pillar that obstructs the demon’s view. Once cleared, go right until you find the first ballista.

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