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Demon’s Souls: How To Beat Flamelurker Boss Fight

demons souls flamelurker

Demon’s Souls: How To Beat Flamelurker Boss Fight

As you continue through the mines and past the various sizes of Bearbugs, you’ll eventually run into the Flamelurker. Once you get there, you’ll quickly find out if you’re ready to take it on. Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Flamelurker boss fight in Demon’s Souls.

How To Beat Flamelurker Boss Fight in Demon’s Souls

There are a handful of different strategies for taking on the Flamelurker, but they mostly all come down to the same basic ideas. You need to dodge the boss when it flails its arms at you, then follow up with a few attacks. Here are just a couple of the most common strategies.


This will be the easiest method if you have the Soul Arrow spell or Holy Arrows for your Bow. All you need to do is run up the steps opposite the fog door you go through to enter the battle. Flamelurker will hop around a bit while you’re there and you should be able to get in a few attacks here.

Once it finally decides to go for you, then run back towards the entrance, then back to the steps once the boss follows. Just repeat this cycle until you win the fight. Make sure you lock on while attacking and disengage the lock when you’re running away.


This is one of the more cheesy strategies for taking on Flamelurker, but it’s absolutely viable. All you need for this is the Thief’s Ring and light armor. A fire-resisting ring or shield will help too. This method takes patience but it’s one of the most fun ways to beat this boss.

You’ll need to hide behind the pillars until Flamelurker stops searching for you. Once this happens, sneak up behind the boss and hit it with your strongest attacks until the flaming beast starts to fight back. Then repeat the cycle until you take him down.

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