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Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Get Yen (Money) Fast

Yakuza Like a Dragon, How to Get Yen Fast

Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Get Yen (Money) Fast

Yen isn’t easy to come by in Yakuza Like a Dragon. Every coin and bill is hard-earned, either by completing difficult fights and jobs or digging around in garbage for hidden treasures. This can make quests and missions that require money to complete a hassle, so we’re here to help make it less challenging with a guide on how to get Yen fast in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

Getting Yen Fast in Yakuza Like a Dragon

There are a few ways to get Yen fast in Yakuza Like a Dragon, but the quickest method is to complete the side quest tied to Ichiban Confections.

Introduced through the main story early on, this questline acts much in the same way as the management side quests in past Yakuza titles. By recruiting employees, managing their stats and buying new real estate for your business to take up, you can elevate Ichiban Confections’ standing in the Yokohama business sector, raking in tons of profit all the while.

Though you can’t access these profits directly, you’ll be given a lump sum of money for each successful Shareholders Meeting you make it through. These bonuses start off small, but by the end of the questline, you’ll be given over a million Yen per Meeting.

The questline takes about seven hours to complete, and while it may get repetitive when done all at once, it’ll leave you with over 10,000,000 Yen to work with for the remainder of the game.

How to Farm Plates and Other Valuables

If this sounds too boring for your tastes, then you can also get Yen through treasure hunting at vending machines scattered throughout Yakuza Like a Dragon’s world.

Whenever you pass by a vending machine, a yellow ring will appear at its base with a prompt to search for treasure. When this happens, simple press the Square button on PlayStation consoles or the X Button on Xbox consoles to search.

You’ll then be given a prize – or no prize at all – based on RNG. You’ll typically find a 10, 100 or 500 Yen coin, but if you’re lucky, you can find a Silver, Gold or Platinum Plate. These can then be sold to a Pawn Shop for several thousand or several hundred thousand Yen a pop.

As mentioned above though, this is determined by RNG, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll pull in a ton of cash from it. You should only try this method if you prefer to gamble in the hopes of obtaining riches with a minimal time investment.

How to Farm Yen From Enemies in Yakuza Like a Dragon

The last method you can use for farming Yen in Yakuza Like a Dragon is a tried and true approach for JRPGs: Grinding through enemies.

After each battle you take part in, you’ll get a small sum of Yen for your victory. Defeating stronger enemies yields more Yen, and defeating multiple of said enemies will amplify the amount earned. In particular, you can find a large number of strong enemies through the main story, the Sotenbori Arena and in Dungeons revealed to you by Sujimon.

Though this is a very reliable method for making money, it’s also the most time consuming. You’ll only get so much money from defeating even the strongest enemy, and as such you might need to grind for several hours depending on how much money you need.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get Yen fast in Yakuza Like a Dragon. For more on the game, check out our guides down below or search for Twinfinite.

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