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Miles Morales: All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy)

postcards locations miles morales

Miles Morales: All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy)

One of the side quests in Miles Morales will take our hero on a nostalgia-fueled scavenger hunt that his mom has put together for his birthday. This quest can only be done once you complete the main story and has Miles collecting seven different postcards. Here are all of the postcard locations in Miles Morales so you can unlock the Memory Lane trophy.

All Postcards Locations in Miles Morales

1st Postcard Location

The first postcard from Miles’ mom will take you to an area in the Upper West Side and the hint reads “Facing the Park, with the world on our shoulders, we guard the next clue.”

Go to the area marked on the map and you’ll see this circular statue with men holding it on their shoulders. The clue will be on the ground next to the statue. Not too hard so far!

All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy) miles morales

2nd Postcard Location

The clue for the next Miles Morales postcard reads: “High atop the Empire State, you’ll find a part of blind eyes.”

Go to the marked area on the map and climb up the Empire State building. Head to the viewing area where there are lots of people gathered about and you’ll see some telescopes scattered about. Find the one that’s out of order and that’s where the clue is found.

All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy) miles morales

3rd Postcard

The next clue reads: “Find the fossil hiding among the modern. Don’t forget to look up!”

This will take you to The Museum of Modern Art and just go up to the viewing balcony and you should see a statue of a fossil. Go on top of it to find the next clue.

All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy) miles morales

4th Postcard Location

“Where money is king, you’ll find great tunes, hanging among the lights.”

Go to the front entrance of CODB’s and the next clue will be sitting right on top of the box that’s near the ladder lying against the wall. If you zip over to the ladder, you’ll be able to grab the note from there.

All Postcards Locations (Memory Lane Trophy) miles morales

5th Postcard

“Nestled beneath Stuyvesant lives a monster of a good meal.” This one is super easy as you’ll spot a huge lobster hanging in front of a seafood restaurant. The next note is right on top of its tail.

6th Postcard Location

“No letter enters this artsy castle without stopping at the gate.” Head over to the Artspace building, and you’ll spot a mailbox attached to the front gate, which is where you can pick up the next and final clue.

7th Postcard

“Beneath the hoop where you learned to fly, your journey comes to an end.”

The location marked on your map will take Miles to a basketball court and you just need to interact with the hoop pictured below and the mission will come to an end and you will unlock the Memory Lane trophy. You’ll then you’ll get a heartwarming cutscene of Miles’ past.

Congrats! You did it! That’s all of the postcard locations in Miles Morales.

If you’re on the hunt for even more tips and tricks, make sure to search Twinfinite or scroll down below for more content.

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