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Games Like Among Us to Try with Friends


Games Like Among Us to Try with Friends

The popularity of Inner Sloth‘s hit game Among Us has increased to tremendous levels over the past few months. The game’s simple mechanics can be used to deceive your friends and randoms alike for hours of fun. If deception has been something you’ve really enjoyed in gaming, here are a few more games like Among Us.

Garry’s Mod

Games Like Among Us

One of the biggest FPS sandbox games of all time Garry’s Mod, affectionately referred to as Gmod by its players, is an all-in-one source for custom game modes. For games like Among Us, look to two of the most popular game modes on the platform, TTT and Murder.

TTT, or Trouble in Terrorist town is a game mode where people are assigned to one of two teams, the innocents or the traitors. Both sides have weapons, and it is the job of the traitors to dispatch of all of the innocents before they are found to be traitors and killed themselves. Traitors have access to a special menu where they can buy traitor-only weapons and technology.

The innocents have the help of a single detective, who has access to their own special gear, and has a letter over their name so that the whole game knows they are not a traitor.

The other game mode is Murder, where one player spawns with a knife, with intent to kill all the other bystanders on the map. One other player spawns with a gun and can shoot the murderer, but will be punished for shooting bystanders. Both game modes are quite similar in their base mechanics Among Us, and can be a ton of fun with friends.

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