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Demon’s Souls: How To Sprint & Run Faster

demon's souls sprint

Demon’s Souls: How To Sprint & Run Faster

If your dodge roll is a bit slow because of your armor you could always drop a few pieces. But if you don’t want to sacrifice defense, then you might want to try something else for getting away from enemies. Here’s all you need to know about how to sprint and run faster in Demon’s Souls.

How To Sprint & Run Faster in Demon’s Souls

The walking speed in Demon’s Souls is typically fast enough that there isn’t a massive need to sprint. The levels generally consist of narrow passages and modest open areas which are usually reserved for boss fights. You can sprint to get through levels more quickly, but it’s not a must.

On the other hand, sprinting is a fantastic option for charging enemies that use projectiles. Again, sometimes just walking will do the trick since many enemy projectiles in Demon’s Souls are pretty easy to see coming. But in the end, the ability to move faster will only make dodging easier.

To initiate a sprint, you need to be holding a direction with the left stick, then press and hold Circle. Since these same button inputs are also used to dodge roll, it may take a fraction of a second for the game to recognize the button is being held and then start the run animation.

There are some cases where blocking, parrying, or dodge rolling are better defensive options than running away and vice versa. But just like with anything else in Demon’s Souls, it’s just another cycle of hypothesis formulation and testing.

Here’s a quick summary of how to sprint and run faster in Demon’s Souls:

  1. Hold left stick in a direction

    You need to be moving in any direction to start a sprint.

  2. Press & hold circle

    You need to hold that button down to start the sprint or else you’ll just do a dodge roll instead.

That’s all there is to know about how to sprint and run faster in Demon’s Souls. It’s important to know all your defensive options in this game and test them all to see what fits your playstyle.

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