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Phasmophobia: How to Use the Parabolic Microphone

phasmophobia, parabolic microphone

Phasmophobia: How to Use the Parabolic Microphone

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start playing scary games with your friends to celebrate the spooky season. Developed by Kinetic Games, Phasmophobia is a ghost hunting game where you and three other friends are tasked with exploring haunted locales and finding evidence to correctly identify the kind of ghost you’re dealing with. Here’s how to use the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia.

As you level up in Phasmophobia, you’ll naturally want to start trying out the largest maps that the game has to offer. The high school and asylum are easily the most challenging maps in the game right now because of their large size, and you’ll need the right equipment to take them on properly, such as the parabolic microphone.

Using the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia

The parabolic microphone will only become available for purchase at level 7, and you can buy it for $50. You can take up to two of these with you during a mission, and it’s definitely recommended that you use them for the larger maps, as they’re not quite as useful or effective for the smaller house maps.

With the parabolic microphone equipped, you’ll be able to scan all directions around you to listen out for noise. Keep an eye on the meter on the microphone and look out for readings that are over 2. While doing this, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re always standing in front of your teammates so it doesn’t pick up any noise they’re making, and also make sure they’re being as quiet as possible.

Any reading over 2 can basically be regarded as paranormal activity, and will help you narrow down the location and determine the direction that the ghost is in. Even if you don’t get high readings, readings around 1 can also be a door closing or opening, which could very well be ghost activity as well, assuming that all of your teammates are with you.

The parabolic microphone can cover a very large distance, which is why it’s more useful for the big maps. If you’re exploring the smaller maps, consider bringing the sound sensor instead.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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