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Genshin Impact: How to Get Xiangling

genshin impact, How to Get Xiangling

Genshin Impact: How to Get Xiangling

The majority of Genshin Impact’s 24 playable characters are only unlocked if you’re lucky enough to pull them as Wish rewards. But not all of them are down to chance. Here’s how to get Xiangling in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Like many of the game’s coolest characters, you’ll actually get to use Xiangling as part of the main storyline. You may have already sampled her pacey polearm attacks and Pyro elemental skills yourself. But how do you actually get her to keep?

As mentioned above, luckily you won’t have to resort to the game’s gacha mechanics.

While that’s definitely one way of obtaining her, the guaranteed method is to run The Abyss dungeon and earn her as a reward for completing floors 1-3. This is actually part of a limited-time event called People’s Choice, so if you want to take advantage of earning Xiangling for free then you’ll want to do this as quickly as possible.

There are two requirements to run The Abyss. First, you’ll need to be Adventure Rank Level 20, which is likely to take you around 20 hours to achieve. As we’ve explained in our how to increase your Adventure Rank guide, there’s not really any shortcut here. You’ve just got to play through the game’s story, run Domains, open chests, etc.

Secondly, you’ll need to locate and travel to Musk Reef, a small island in the eastern corner of the map. We have a dedicated guide that provides specific instructions.

Now, before you head over to The Abyss, keep in mind that clearing Floor 3 is no easy feat. Each floor and Chamber tasks you with defeating a bunch of enemies, with each one getting incrementally harder. You’ll want to be around party level 40 to stand a good chance of clearing all the Chambers on Floor 3 and getting Xiangling.

Making things harder is that you aren’t able to heal throughout the run — at least not with items. If you have a character like Jean or Barbara that can heal your party, then be sure to bring them along. The only other tip we can offer you is to try and knock enemies off ledges whenever possible to make things easier.

If for whatever reason you’d prefer to just roll the gacha dice and try to get Xiangling in a Wish, make sure you opt for the standard banner.

As we’ve explained in many similar Genshin Impact character guides, the Pity system is rigged to favor Venti as a 5-Star pull in the banner Ballad in Goblets.

Therefore, you’ve more chance of getting Xiangling in Wanderlust Invocation. Obviously, though, if you still have Beginner’s Wish, then go for that first since it’s cheaper.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get Xiangling in Genshin Impact. For more useful tips and guides on the game, check out Twinfinite’s wiki page.

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