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Genshin Impact Pity System Explained: Soft Pity & How It Works

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Genshin Impact Pity System Explained: Soft Pity & How It Works

If you haven’t played a free-to-play mobile game with gacha mechanics then you’re probably a little confused about the way Genshin Impact handles progression via its Wish menu. Here’s Genshin Impact’s pity system explained if you’re unsure what is meant by that or you’re simply interested in the percentages. Also, what soft pity is and at which number of Wishes you’ll benefit from it.

What is Pity in Genshin Impact? Answered

As mentioned above, progression in Genshin Impact is via a gacha system called Wishes. Of course, there’s role-playing mechanics separate from Wishes, like Adventure Rank, Character EXP, and Weapon Enhancement. But to actually get more characters, weapons, and items of a high level, you’ll need to use Wishes.

Each time you “pull” a Wish you have a chance of winning certain high level items in addition to other lesser ones. Each banner has a different drop rate, depending on whether it’s a standard, event, or promotional Wish.

Here are the drop rates for promotional/event banners, as per the game’s fandom wiki site:

Characters Wish Banners

  • A 5-star character or weapon – 0.6% chance of dropping
  • A 4-star character or weapon – 5.1% chance of dropping
  • A 3-star weapon – 94.3% chance of dropping.

Weapon Wish Banner

  • A 5-star character or weapon – 0.7% chance of dropping
  • A 4-star character or weapon – 6% chance of dropping
  • A 3-star weapon – 93.3% chance of dropping.

Pity System Explained in Genshin Impact

Pity is basically what it sounds like: when the game notices that you’ve been extremely unlucky in not receiving any high-level items (4 and 5-star items), it will take pity and guarantee you one on the next pull.

For example, again citing the game’s fandom wiki site for the exact figures, “when pulling a promotional/event banner Wish, if a player does not win a 4-star or above item 9 pulls in a row the 10th pull is guaranteed to be a 4-star or higher item.”

In the case of a 5-star character, “if a player does not win a 5-star item 89 pulls in a row the 90th pull is guaranteed to be a 5-star item. This counter will reset if the player pulls any 5-star item.”

In both cases, the counter does not transfer between wishes/banners.

Soft Pity in Genshin Impact

There’s one more facet to Genshin Impact’s pity system that we didn’t mention in the above breakdown, and that’s soft pity. Think of this almost like a half-measure of sympathy on the part of the gacha mechanic, slightly increasing the odds that you’ll actually get a 5-star pull without completely guarunteeing it.

Soft pity is said to occur at 75 Wishes, with many sources citing a 33% increase in odds from that pull onward. Of course, the exact numbers are hard to know because Genshin Impact’s soft pity isn’t something players are supposed to know explicitly. It’s essentially a safety net to guard against the possibility that most players will basically nothing until the 90th pull.

That should give you a good decent understanding of how the pity system works in Genshin Impact. For more useful tips and guides on the game, check out Twinfinite’s own wiki page.

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