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Avengers Game Vault Location: How to Get Lost Loot Back


Avengers Game Vault Location: How to Get Lost Loot Back

In Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll be picking up loot frequently, and a lot of it can get lost in the shuffle. Here’s the vault location where you can get your lost loot back in Marvel’s Avengers.

Vault Location in Marvel’s Avengers Game

After you progress a bit in the main campaign Tony Stark will eventually guide you towards the inventory locker, also known as the Vault. You can find it on the top floor of the Technology Lab aboard the Chimera.

The Technology Lab is located right off of the War Table. Turn around and look left to see the door marked Technology Lab. This will put you on the first floor, but head up the stairs in the back left to reach the vault.

You can also come in from the second floor of the Chimera located right behind the Crow’s Nest.

How to Get Lost Loot Back

Now that you’ve found the inventory locker, just go up to one of the terminals and hold square/x on it to open up the menu. From here, any gear that was acquired while your inventory was full will appear here.

With the amount of gear you’ll find throughout the campaign and multiplayer, it’s always good to come and check in here every once and a while to make sure you didn’t miss an important piece.

If you’re continually dismantling gear to free up space, you’ll probably never have to visit this area, but it’s great always to have a backup in case you forget to clear up space.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get lost loot back from the vault in Marvel’s Avengers. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to stay connected with our extensive and ever-expanding Marvel’s Avenger’s Wiki.

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