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Avengers Game: How to Get Upgrade Modules


Avengers Game: How to Get Upgrade Modules

Upgrade Modules are the resource material you’ll use to upgrade high-power gear in Marvel’s Avengers. Unlike Fragments, Plasma or Catalysts, however, Upgrade Modules aren’t often lying around the environments during missions. So chances are you’re wondering how to get Upgrade Modules in Avengers Game.

Getting Upgrade Modules in Avengers Game

Upgrade Modules are acquired from various strongboxes and missions in Marvel’s Avengers. These can be main story missions, Iconic Missions, or other Faction Missions you’ve accepted on your adventure with Kamala Khan and Co.

Strongboxes can be found scattered throughout missions. Sometimes they’re in plain sight, other times you’ll need to thoroughly explore your environment to find them. Keep an eye out for breakable walls (by holding Triangle you can smash through them), as these often have Strongboxes hiding behind them.

What you get inside Strongboxes does vary, and can include bits of Gear or other Resource Materials, so don’t expect Upgrade Modules every time, as they are quite rare.

You can also buy Upgrade Modules for 250 Fragments from Faction Vendors on the ship once you’ve progressed far enough through the story campaign, or within the Avengers Initiative section of the game.

how to get upgrade modules marvel's avengers
You can buy Upgrade Modules for 250 Fragments from Faction Vendor’s Specialty Item Sections

It’s worth noting, however, that a Faction Vendor’s Specialty Items are rotated out fairly frequently, so you’ll need to keep checking back and get them when they’re on-sale.

Also keep in mind that Upgrade Modules are used to upgrade High-Power Gear and nothing else. In other words, you can’t use them to upgrade Artifacts or other random bits of Gear you might have in your inventory.

Now you know how to get upgrade modules in Marvel’s Avengers for all your high-power gear upgrading needs. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head on over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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