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How Long Marvel’s Avengers Game Takes to Beat

How long marvel’s avengers takes to beat

How Long Marvel’s Avengers Game Takes to Beat

Marvel’s Avengers has finally arrived on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and players can finally step into the shoes of Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, The Hulk and more as they try and stop the mysterious AIM from their evil plans. If you’re wondering just how long the Marvel’s Avengers game takes to beat, you’re in the right place as we’ve got the answer right here.

How Long Is the Marvel’s Avengers Game?

The single-player campaign will take you anywhere between 10-12 hours to complete if you try and make a beeline for the ending and focus on nothing but the story missions.

Doing so would mean you’re missing out on a lot of extra missions. Iconic Missions, for example, follow a single hero’s quest that’s semi-related to the main story, and allows players to unlock special outfits once the questline is complete.

On top of that, side missions are a good means of getting more powerful gear for your heroes. As such, if you’re going to be dabbling in this side content, we’d expect Marvel’s Avengers to take closer to 15-20 hours to complete.

After you’ve completed the campaign, you can then dive into the Avengers Initiative mode, which sees players taking on even tougher missions with the help of friends. You’ll be able to level your characters and their gear up even further until you’ve assembled a formidable crew of Avengers.

That’s everything you need to know on how long the Marvel’s Avengers game takes to beat on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or have a browse through more of our coverage below.

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