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FFXIV: How to Get Back to the Firmament

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FFXIV: How to Get Back to the Firmament

While the main story of Final Fantasy XIV might have long moved on from Ishgard at this point, there’s still plenty of reason to go back there if you’re a max level crafter or gatherer. The Ishgard Restoration quests are live, and there are new rewards to get now that patch 5.31 is out. However, getting to the Firmament isn’t quite as straightforward as you might hope, especially if you don’t remember how you got there in the first place. Here’s how to get back to the Firmament in FFXIV.

Getting Back to the Firmament in FFXIV

When you first start the Ishgard Restoration quest line, you’ll simply have to follow the objective markers to get to the Firmament itself, which is where you turn in your resources and spend your Skybuilders’ Scrips. After that, though, the game doesn’t actually provide you with any markers or indicators letting you know how to go back there.

First off, you can manually walk there by talking to the NPC named Thomelin at X:14, Y:12 in Foundation. He’ll bring you to the Firmament once you speak with him.

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However, there’s actually a much faster way to get there. After teleporting to Foundation in Ishgard, simply interact with the main Aetheryte crystal at Foundation, and choose the option that lets you go directly to the Firmament itself.

firmament ffxiv

This saves you the trouble of having to walk all the way to Thomelin and speak with him, and is a much more convenient method of travel as well. You do still need to speak with the gatekeep NPC to go back to the Foundation, though, as there’s no Aetheryte crystal in the Firmament itself.

Now that you know how to get there and back, you can start grinding for Skybuilders’ Scrips and turning them in for new rewards like hairstyles, mounts, minions, and emotes.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to the Firmament in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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