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Bye, Bye August; Here Were Your Best Games


Bye, Bye August; Here Were Your Best Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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After coming out at the beginning of August, Fall Guys was a game that quickly took the internet by storm. It was the game to talk about on social media or to play on Twitch and for some people, it still is. And Season two has already been announced by the developers.

In essence, Fall Guys is rather simple with players competing against one another on various obstacle courses to advance to the next level. Going from A to B sounds simple enough but, while also dodging traps and obstacles, players need to deal with each other.

This PvP aspect can bring out the competitive side of a lot of people and some players will do anything to qualify for the next round or ultimately win the crown at the end of the game.

Fall Guys easily turns into a dangerous minefield every round and you don’t know who you can and can’t trust as you run by other players.

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