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5 Reasons Why Spiritfarer Deserves Your Attention

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5 Reasons Why Spiritfarer Deserves Your Attention

Spiritfarer is a unique game that blends the normally heavy and dark subject of death with a gentle and comfy aesthetic full of hugs, cooking, and fun activities. You take control of the titular Spiritfarer, a grim reaper of sorts, that’s charged with ferrying spirits to the afterlife with your cat companion.

Spiritfarer is a charming and serene game that manages to perfectly balance happy moments with the sad through its gorgeous and cozy art style, diverse and vibrant characters, numerous activities, and thought-provoking story.

It’s a game that you may end up overlooking because it’s not a big title from a big-name developer or because, at a glance, it might not look too serious. Though, that’s the furthest from the truth.

Spiritfarer definitely needs to be on your radar and here’s why.

There’s Plenty To Do


In addition to the main questlines you need to complete, there are also side quests known as “Shenanigans”, collectibles to find, several different and diverse locations to explore, cozy activities, buildings to create, and materials that need to be collected for upgrades.

To pass the time as your ship travels from A to B, you can fish, cook different combinations of food, garden, and make materials using the Sawmill, Smithy, Foundry, and Loom.

Some materials can only be collected during special events like Comet Rocks during a comet shower, bottled lightning during a thunderstorm, or Nebula Thread from a minigame with Nebula Pillbugs. You also have the option to mine certain materials off of specific ore dragons during platforming challenges.

You can easily spend several hours doing so many different activities before you even think about the main questlines.

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