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Avengers Game: How to Beat MODOK Final Boss Battle

avengers modok boss battle

Avengers Game: How to Beat MODOK Final Boss Battle

MODOK is your final boss in the Avengers Game, and you’ll need to take control of each of the superheroes in your squad if you’re going to take it down once and for all. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to beat MODOK final boss in the Avengers Game, step by step for your convenience.

MODOK Boss Battle Guide in Marvel’s Avengers

Stage 1 – Iron Man

The first stage of the MODOK boss battle will see you take control of Iron Man. Here, you simply need to shoot MODOK’s thrusters on the bottom of his ship… thing. If you use your rockets, you can destroy each one with about four- five direct hits.

MODOK does make this difficult, though, as he’ll fly around a lot. His shields can also get in the way, so make sure you factor these in before you let off a shot.

MODOK Boss Fight Stage 2 – Captain America

With MODOK’s thrusters down, it’s time for Captain America to take out MODOK’s main thruster. This is the large jet directly below him. You can hit this by throwing Cap’s shield, or just jump into the air and melee attack it.

If you choose to melee attack it, be careful as the jet flame can burn and damage you.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the main thruster, MODOK will hit the floor. Now you need to go around the back of MODOK and start laying hits into the battery-looking unit on its back to disable his shield. You can see it in the screenshot below.

modok boss fight avengers game

You won’t be able to destroy this on your first try, so MODOK’s main thruster will kick back up and you’ll have to knock him down again. Simply rinse repeat this. To speed up taking down the large battery when he’s on the floor, use your Shield Throw attack to deal huge damage. It took us about three tries to finally destroy the battery and move on to Thor’s stage.

Stage 3 – Thor

With Cap taking his shields down, it’s time for Thor. This is a very short section and simply requires you to use his Bifrost Ultimate Heroic Ability on MODOK.

Defeat some of the Synthoids running around to charge up Bifrost and then press L1 + R1 / LB + RB once it’s charged. Line it up so it’s directly beneath MODOK and then press R1/ RB again to deal huge damage. Now, we’re onto the Hulk’s section.

MODOK Boss Fight Stage 4 – Hulk

In this stage, you won’t be fighting MODOK, but instead helping Ms. Marvel free the Inhumans and get them to safety. All you need to do here is clear the random enemies. It’ll take all of a couple of minutes.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, don’t forget to use Hulk’s abilities, as they’re very good at crowd control.

Stage 5 – Black Widow

After MODOK raises a Kree Sentry to do his bidding, the camera will turn to Black Widow who’s left with a rather defenseless MODOK. All you need to do here is damage MODOK and avoid his ground ripple attack and the vortex’s that’ll stick you in place if you run over them.

The easiest way to clear this section is to use Black Widow’s pistols on MODOK’s giant head. You’ll get critical damage for each hit, and you can then quickly stop and double jump over his ripple attack when he does it. Don’t forget to make use of the Widow’s Bite ability to deal even more damage to MODOK in a single shot.

MODOK Boss Fight Stage 6 – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

With MODOK dropped once and for all, the sixth and final stage of the boss fight sees us assume control of Ms. Marvel. You’ll first have to make your way to Hulk with a bit of simple platforming.

Once you do, you’ll have a few quick QTEs dotted in between various cutscenes. As long as you complete these, you’ll watch Kamala drop the Kree Sentry and save the world on behalf of the Avengers.

avengers game modok boss battle

Congrats, you’ve just beaten the MODOK boss battle and completed the Avengers Game!

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head on over to our guide wiki.

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