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Remnant From the Ashes: How to Start Subject 2923 DLC

remnant subject 2923 dlc

Remnant From the Ashes: How to Start Subject 2923 DLC

It’s finally here. Remnant From the AshesSubject 2923 DLC has arrived, bringing an entirely new story to the third-person ARPG. While the storm may be over, the threat of the Root remains, and its down to players to travel to Ward Prime and find a way to put an end to their reign over Earth once and for all. In this guide, we’ll be running you through how to start the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant From the Ashes.

Starting Subject 2923 Campaign in Remnant From the Ashes

First, make sure that you’ve bought and installed the Subject 2923 DLC on your PC, Xbox One or PS4.

After doing this, load up the game and continue your save. For newcomers only just diving in now, start a new game and get through the tutorial. You’ll need to reach Ward 13 before you’ll be able to access Subject 2923.

When you’re at Ward 13, go to the red World Stone and interact with it to bring up the menu. You’ll now have options to ‘Travel’ ‘World Settings’ and ‘Survival Mode.’ You want to select the ‘World Settings’ option.

You’ll now be shown your Campaign, Adventure and Survival Mode progress. Select the ‘Campaign’ option and press X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to Reroll Campaign.

subject 2923 remnant from the ashes

This will then give you the option to select the Subject 2923 Campaign from the list that appears.

remnant from the ashes subject 2923

After this, select your difficulty and press A/ X to start a new campaign. You’ll then be shown a cutscene introducing you to the story in Subject 2923.

How to Start Subject 2923 DLC in Remnant From the Ashes

  1. Head to Ward 13

  2. Interact with the red World Stone

  3. Select ‘World Settings’

  4. Higlight Campaign and press X/ Square to reroll campaign

  5. Select Subject 2923

That’s everything you need to know on how to start Remnant From the Ashes’ Subject 2923 DLC. For more on the game, you can check out our coverage below.

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