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Top 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2020 So Far, Ranked


Top 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2020 So Far, Ranked

10. Resident Evil 3

Nemesis, resident evil 3

Following on from 2019’s smash-hit remake of Resident Evil 2, obviously, comes a remake of Resident Evil 3. Roaming the streets of Raccoon City was fun, for sure, and the new various enemy types you’ll stumble upon along the way certainly helps to keep things exciting. Nothing quite matches up to be chased by Nemesis, though.

Escaping the hulking juggernaut is heart-pounding stuff, and you’ll frequently be fighting against your natural reactions to pump the mutant full of lead. That’d be a waste.

Even if Nemesis did scare the bejeezus out of us, Resident Evil 3’s remake just wasn’t as enjoyable and intense as Resident Evil 2’s remake from last year. Still, if you’re looking for some third-person zombie action, it’s not a bad choice.

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