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Grounded: How to Get Grub Hide & What It’s Used For

Grounded Grub Hide

Grounded: How to Get Grub Hide & What It’s Used For

Grub Hide in Grounded is one of the many items you’re going to need to find on your adventure through the back yard, though you won’t need it right away. If you’re trying to get this early on, you may need to advance further through the game. Specifically, you’ll need to get to the big acorn tree before you’ll be able to obtain Grub Hide. In this guide, we’ll run you through how to get Grub Hide in Grounded and what it’s used for.

Getting Grub Hide in Grounded

To get Grub Hide, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve got a shovel and you’ve found your way to the acorn tree. This can be identified by looking out for the large tree with the red/ orange leaves on it. Once you spot this, begin making your way over to it.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you will come across a Spider and some other more challenging bugs along the way, so make sure you’re prepared with some weapons to help you take them down. Before you embark on this adventure, you’ll also need to craft a Hammer. The Hammer is used to break Walnuts, which we’re going to come across along the way to the acorn tree and our Grub Hides in Grounded.

Once you arrive at the acorn tree, you’ll be able to find Grubs burrowing underground near the roots of the tree. Before we can dig them up, though, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a shovel. The Acorn Shovel can be crafted as long as you’ve got Acorn Pieces which are obtained by breaking an Acorn with your Hammer.

When you spot one burrowing (the straight lines of raised ground moving along the floor), use your shovel to dig them up and quickly kill them before they try and get away, or even worse, kill you.

Once the Grub is defeated, you’ll be able to take the Grub Hide right from off its back by walking over to the corpse and picking the item up.

What Grub Hides Are Used For

  • Grub Vest
  • Canteen
  • Mite Hat
  • Grub Goggles
  • Larva Blade
  • Weevil Shield

That’s everything you need to know on getting Grub Hide in Grounded. For more tips, tricks and coverage on the game, check out the links below!

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