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Fairy Tail: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

New game plus in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Fairy Tail is the newest RPG from developer Gust, creator of the Atelier series. Some Atelier games feature a new game plus option after you’ve beaten the game, so you might be wondering if Fairy Tail has that? Keep reading and we will answer if there new game plus in Fairy Tail.

Is There New Game Plus in Fairy Tail?

Sorry to tell you that there isn’t any sort of new game plus to be found at the end of the game. Once the main story ends and the credits roll you are prompted to make a save for the Epilogue chapter, but no new game plus.

While this might be a bit of a downer considering it is an RPG and past Atelier games have implemented it, a new game plus isn’t really needed.

The platinum trophy (for getting all the trophies on the PS4) for Fairy Tail is rather easy and nothing about it is missable. This means that you only need a single playthrough to see everything you need to see in the game and achieve every challenge set in front of you.

There is still a means to get your characters as strong as possible without any new game plus, however. Use of the Magical Foundation Growth in the Epilogue will get your the stat max you want.

To summarize about Fairy Tail and new game plus:

  1. While there isn’t new game plus, you only need one playthrough to do everything.

  2. Getting all trophies in the PS4 version is easy and gives you plenty of opportunity for the tougher ones.

That’s all you need to know about if there is new game plus in Fairy Tail. Twinfinite’s review is currently in progress and if you are looking to have other questions answered, the guide below might help.

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