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Fairy Tail: How to Change Costumes

How to Change Costumes in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail: How to Change Costumes

Being a Gust game, it’s obvious Fairy Tail will have different costumes for the cast of characters. There has even already been recent news of upcoming costume DLC. But, what about the game itself, are there alternate costumes? This is how to change costumes in Fairy Tail.

How to Change Costumes in Fairy Tail

Early in the game, once the gang has returned to Magnolia, there will be a scene where Lucy returns home. Once this has passed, you will be able to enter Lucy’s home whenever you wish.

Straight from the entrance is a white vanity (the desk with a mirror) with a coat hanger icon above it. This is where you can change costumes in Fairy Tail, though when you first get the chance, you won’t have any different costumes to wear.

Costumes are gained through moments in the story, if you want something special. For more simple outfits, unlocking a character’s 4th rank earns you Costume (Alternative Color) which is just a different color/design to their default costume.

Any costume selected will appear on that character at all times, even if they aren’t part of your party. This makes your party and characters more customizable to your own tastes.

To summarize changing costumes in Fairy Tail:

  1. Once you have access to Lucy’s house, head inside and interact with the white desk straight ahead in the corner.

  2. Rank characters up to 4 to unlock an alternative color to their default costume.

  3. Other costumes such as swimsuits or Lucy’s star dresses come from progressing in the story.

That’s all you need to know for how to change costume in Fairy Tail. Be sure to check back with us as our review is in progress and take a peek at these other two guides if you want to know more about the game.

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