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Last of Us 2: Is There Romance? Answered

last of us 2 romance

Last of Us 2: Is There Romance? Answered

Following on five years after the events of the original game, the beginning of The Last of Us 2 sees Joel and Ellie settled in a thriving community in Wyoming. Things appear to be much calmer at the beginning, and with Ellie’s sexuality being one of the areas touched on during the first game, some games may be wondering if there’s romance in The Last of Us 2.

Romance in The Last of Us 2

We’ve got to be the bearers of bad news to an extent this time around. Unfortunately, there are no romance options in The Last of Us 2.

While Ellie may have a love interest as we pick her story back up at the very beginning of the game, you’re not going to be able to make decisions to pursue or end that romantic relationship. We’re not going to dive into the details of Ellie’s love life throughout the course of the game for the sake of avoiding spoilers.

Instead, romance is in the game as part of the story, but how it all pans out is entirely out of your hands. You’ll just have to hang on tight and enjoy the ride, hoping that Ellie finds happiness and romance by the end of her journey.

Well, it may not have been the news you were hoping for, but at least now you know! For more tips, tricks, and guides on Naughty Dog’s latest epic, be sure to check out our The Last of Us 2 guide wiki. You can also have a flick through more of our coverage below.

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