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Top 10 Best Steam Summer Sale 2020 Deals


Top 10 Best Steam Summer Sale 2020 Deals

Borderlands 3 – 50% Off

When players think of the Borderlands franchise, a few things come to mind. Silky smooth shooter gameplay, a hilarious robot buddy called Claptrap with a penchant for toilet humor, and about a bazillion different guns.

Borderlands 3 continues that trend but on a bigger and bolder scale than ever before. The gameplay retains its fast-paced charm, all the while looking lovely with its cel-shaded graphics.

This time around, Borderlands 3 sees you taking on the Calypso Twins to stop them from uniting the bandit clans and getting one of the galaxy’s most valuable treasures.

The main game will take you upwards of 30 hours to beat, and if you find yourself itching for more, you can buy the three additional expansion packs — Bounty of Blood, Guns, Love and Tentacles, and Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot — to give you even more to work your way through.

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