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Top 10 Best Paper Mario Bosses, Ranked

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Top 10 Best Paper Mario Bosses, Ranked

At long last, the latest chapter in the Paper Mario series has been announced, wherein our hirsute hero faces off against the dreaded Origami King this July.

Though the series has had its ups and downs, it remains beloved in the hearts and minds of Nintendo fans since it first came crashing onto our Nintendo 64’s nearly twenty years ago (feel old yet?)

One constant strength has been the boundaries pushed with its many boss fights, so we thought we’d take a look at ten that particularly stuck out in our mind.

Why is it though, every time I fight my boss, I just end up fired?

Warning: Paper Mario series spoilers ahead. And maybe the secret to eternal life, too? Only one way to find out.

10. Gooper Blooper (Sticker Star)

Paper Mario Sticker Star

We start off with the black sheep of the family; Sticker Star on the 3DS. Though its mechanics tried to veer too hard with the eponymous sticker mechanic, it was no less lacking in that trademark Paper Mario charm.

Of the bosses, Gooper Blooper is the standout for most people, or standSHLOOP, if you prefer. It forewarns you of battle long before surfacing, whacking you with its tentacles as you progress through Whitecap Beach. The cheeky minx!

Beyond being a visually spectacular foe, the Gooper Blooper battle is noteworthy for its fantastic musical track, which influences the tide of battle. This particular Blooper likes to boogie, and its style of attack corresponds with the backing flamenco rhythm.

As such, we are now naming him Santiago Vazquez Colón. Pretty sure that makes it official.

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