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Top 10 Best Mario Kart Tracks of All Time


Top 10 Best Mario Kart Tracks of All Time

Baby Park

best mario kart tracks

Baby Park certainly isn’t a track that’ll etch itself in your mind for its difficulty. On the contrary, it’s an incredibly simple layout — just a basic loop with a rollercoaster wrapped around it that you don’t even get to ride.

But Baby Park doesn’t need a gimmick to make it iconic. This short, basic loop is typically sped around seven or so times in a typical race, as opposed to the customary three laps most other tracks abide by. With each lap that passed, things would get more chaotic as shells ricocheted offsides, banana peels litter the narrow track, and bombs are being tossed around like nobody’s business.

Baby Park is Mario Kart’s reminder that sometimes keeping it simple is incredibly effective.

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