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7 Developers That Started 2020 Out With a Bang


7 Developers That Started 2020 Out With a Bang

Square Enix

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The first of the game developers we’ll talk about is Square Enix. They need no introduction especially since they’ve been in the industry for a long time.

This year, they came at us hard and fast with Final Fantasy VII Remake, a spectacular game that we’ll be talking about for quite a while. Square Enix took around 5 hours of gameplay from the original game and turned it into nearly 30 hours of content. Even then, the Remake isn’t finished yet.

In the spirit of remakes, Square Enix also published the remake of Trials of Mana.

However, Square Enix didn’t stop there. Earlier this year, they also released the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC which added more to the main game’s wacky story and introduced a big chunk of new bosses.

Square Enix is also still regularly updating some of their other games, including Final Fantasy XIV, so Square Enix’s various developer branches are surely planning on keeping us entertained with content for the rest of the year.

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