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Stranded Deep: How to Get Water

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Stranded Deep: How to Get Water

Stranded Deep is the new survival game that sees you play as the survivor of a plane crash on desert island. You need to manage your hunger and thirst levels, crafting things to stay alive. As you’d expect, water is a vital resource that you need to manage. So that you can keep your thirst meter topped up, here’s everything you need to know about how to get water in Stranded Deep.

Over time, your thirst meter will empty and you’ll need to drink water to fill it back up. There are a few ways to get water but keeping it ready and available is what can be tough.

How to Get Water in Stranded Deep

The first and easiest way to get water is to find coconuts. You’ll find them pretty commonly in trees, so just grab them and hit them once. You’ll then be able to drink the water from them before hitting them to break them open to be eaten.

Thankfully, coconuts don’t go rotten in Stranded Deep, allowing you to stockpile any you find so that you can get water at a later date, rather than wasting those you find.

The other option you can find on the island is Quwawa berries. They’re rarer than coconuts and can rot, but they refill some of your hunger and thirst meters when you eat them. If you want to get your own supply of them, you can plant a berry and have a tree of them grow.

Your other option is the Solar Still, which collects water over time from condensation and can hold up to five drinks worth of liquid. You need to craft it though and it requires one Lashing, three Rocks, and one Tarp, which you’ll need to find.

With it crafted, you just need to wait for it to fill up, at which point you can use your flask to drink from it. To get the basic Coconut Flask, you will need to craft it with one Lashing and one Coconut, which is pretty easy.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get water in Stranded Deep. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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