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Resident Evil 3: How to Save Your Game

resident evil 3 save game

Resident Evil 3: How to Save Your Game

Resident Evil 3 has followed the footsteps of its predecessor by staggering its way to Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The remake polishes the game up, bringing this classic title to current-gen consoles with all the bells and whistles fans expect from a new game release. Of course, most players aren’t going to be able to just blast through the entire game in a single sitting. Here’s how to save in Resident Evil 3.

Saving Your Game in Resident Evil 3

As was the case in Resident Evil 2, all you need to do to save your game is walk over to and interact with a typewriter.

These can be found in random places in the environment throughout the game, and the rooms they’re found in are more often than not safe rooms that you can take a breather from the zombie onslaught in.

This applies to saving on all difficulty settings of Resident Evil 3. In Resident Evil 2, players only had a finite amount of Ink Ribbons that would be used to save their game. Saving once used one Ink Ribbon, and so players had to be more strategic about where they used typewriters to record their progress.

In Resident Evil 3, Ink Ribbons are no longer a thing in Hardcore. You’ll be able to save your game as many times as you want and without restriction on Hardcore, just as you’d be able to on Assisted and Standard difficulty settings. So if you felt that the restrictions in Resident Evil 2 were a bit too much, then you should have a little bit of an easier time this time around.

That’s all you need to know on how to save in Resident Evil 3. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks or check out more of our coverage below.

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