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Top 10 Most Iconic & Wild Moments in Resident Evil History

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Top 10 Most Iconic & Wild Moments in Resident Evil History

Ever since taking those first few steps into the iconic Spencer Mansion, Resident Evil has just gotten weirder and weirder. The franchise has evolved far beyond killing zombies in a haunted house and has featured some truly weird and terrifying moments.

Since Resident Evil has had such a triumphant return these past few years, we thought it would be fun to talk about some of the craziest moments in the survival horror franchise.

The First Zombie – Resident Evil

Video via: Paweł Kamil Franczak

The first Resident Evil game is iconic for so many reasons. It basically started the survival horror genre as well as a ton of horror video game tropes. While there are many memorable moments from the first game, seeing the first zombie is perhaps the most iconic.

Within the first few minutes of playing, you unknowingly walk in on a zombie feasting on one of your teammates. The cold, dead look it gives you as it turns around and starts walking towards you is ingrained in any player’s head who first played it in 1996 and again in the 2002 Gamecube remake.

Many have gone on to credit Resident Evil as the reason for zombies being popular again in the early 2000s and for the inspiration behind films like 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead.

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